Saturday, February 26, 2011

more pictures!

Wayden LOVES pop and drinking out of a straw! the other day he was at my mom and dads house and they came home from dinner he grabbed both of there drinks scooted back to the stairs and went from pop to pop! i wish i would of been there to see it! He is just so cute!!! In January Clay hit a deer in my car and totalled it! sad to say the only thing we owned! ha It looked a lot worse then this i just couldn't get a good picture in the garage! Clay hit it going up to Basketball practice, in 4 years they have never hit one so i guess it was their turn! Clay drove it the rest of the way to altamont because he had no cellphone service in the hole where he hit it. and then he decided he didn't want me to come and get him so he drove it home too! what a nerd! I'm surprised it didn't blow up or anything! so we are car shopping! I really love the ford edge sport! I'm hoping to get one in the summer but talking clay into a 40K car is really hard! If not I'll just get a used one. I have been driving a Lincoln MKX (its like an edge just a Lincoln) but my dad tells me not to get it there are a luxury car and are expensive to ever fix so we'll see.. For now I'm just driving the truck that gets 9 miles to the gallon! lets just say i don't go may places!!!

Some pictures....

this is clay and i at the jazz game. I took him there for his 26 birthday! we were in the lower bowl and stayed out at the radisson it was alot of fun! we both agreed we need to do more things like that without it being a birthday! The next picture is of us on our 2 year anniversary! at one of my best friends wedding! Melissa Houston Thompson! It was alot of fun.

This picture is of Zayne, Kolby and I at my cousin Tanner's 4A state football game! It was alot of fun to have the whole family meet up at his game! They ended up loosing in triple over time, they went for the 2 points for the win instead of going to the tie but it was an AWESOME game! Good job Tanner!! :)
This is Waydens birthday cake! Isn't it amazing! my friend Terra Rich makes cakes and she is well very talented! it was so good, and looked amazing! We had a lot of fun for waydens first birthday! we had a big family dinner with both clay's side and mine. It was a little different for clays family i think, they usually only get togher 2 times a year where there are so many of them! but it was just another family dinner for the Collins always have dinner whenever we have a reason to! like at least once a month sometimes lots more! we always like to eat together!! But it was tons of fun!

This is clay reading to Wayden. Since wayden was old enough to grab a book he has LOVED them! I wish i could take credit to that but i cant! he will sit there for a whole story and then go get another one. HE loves to be read to!

Its been awhile!

wow i cant believe how busy we've been! Wayden is now 15 months and a big monster! he is into everything running around! its so much fun! Clay is just finishing up basketball season. they have a play in game to state this year we'll see if they win in on Monday or Tuesday. Clay also has been working his butt off at newfield. He works at least 17 hour days and then goes to basketball practice so we never see him! but the pay check is always nice!!! I started working at Zions bank here in Roosevelt about 2 weeks ago. I really enjoy it! Alot more then I thought i would! here are some pictures from waydens birthday party and some other since my last post!!! my old laptop where all my pictues are is so slow its crashing anyday so i'll try to send some to my new one to get some on here!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

wow it has been forever since i have updated this!!! I will do it this weekend!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

New Pictures!

This was us on the ship we were just getting ready to eat some "Best of Alaska" sea food..
After our whale watch we had a salmon bake. At the end was this beautiful waterfall

this is one of the big fish we caught. We caught 14 pinks, and 4 co-ho's it was a blast

this is us leaving on the ship, we went from Seattle, up the inside passage and back to Seattle.

This is us on our formal night. It was a blast to get all dressed up and Clay loved it too!

Wow how time past! I cant believe its already October! Here are some recent pictures we've had. We went on a cruise to Alaska in August. It was a blast!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Before we left i let wayden ride on all of the toys he thought that was so cooL!

We went to Denver last week for my cousins reception. It was super fun we went down on Thursday and came back Sunday. On Friday we went to eliches gardens its like lagoon. I thought lagoon was lame until I went there! It wasn't to much fun! That night we went to Casabinitas for dinner it was SO good! Its like a Mexican chucky cheese! So after we ate we played in the arcade. We hung out on Saturday drove to a few western clothing stores and had the reception that night. Sunday we just took the long drive home and took my dad and Clay to dinner. I know clay didn't have the best fathers day, He asked me why women and everyone else make SUCH a big deal over mothers day but why fathers day is just another day! I never realised that but its true! Clay is so awesome he doesn't complain about ANYTHING!!! I love him so much! Glad he's my husband and Wayden's dad!